FFL Design Launches Dealer Exchange

FFL Design Launches Dealer Exchange

FL Design today announced the launch of Dealer Exchange, the first ever dealer to dealer wholesale transaction platform.  Dealer Exchange allows dealers who have excess inventory, hard to find or hard to sell inventory, to list those products through vArmory, the shooting sports industry’s first ever wholesale e-commerce platform. Once dealers list their products, they become immediately available for other dealers to buy.  Dealer Exchange is free for all dealers. There are no monthly fees, set-up fees or recurring fees associated with Dealer Exchange.

Dealer Exchange is the third major product launched by FFL Design. vArmory, the industry’s first ever wholesale e-commerce platform and the largest online wholesale search engine, was launched at the 2015 SHOT Show.  Dealer Direct, which allows manufacturers to list their products for dealers to buy directly from them, was launched at the 2016 SHOT Show.  

Plans for future products include: 

  • vArmory Point of Sale – A point-of-sale system designed exclusively for gun dealers that will support inventory purchasing, retail sales, and ATF reporting. 
  • e-Commerce Cart – A ready-made, easy to customize e-commerce cart that will integrate with supplier inventory systems and in-store inventory to create the most comprehensive product offerings available on the web. 

To learn more about FFL Design and to view and purchase products from any of our manufacturers or dealers, click HERE.

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