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FFL Design Announces the Addition of Rebel Silencers to its Wholesale e-Commerce Platform

FFL Design today announced that Rebel Silencers, a Class 3 manufacturer of silencers, is now offering their products for sale through vArmory, the shooting sports industry’s first ever wholesale e-commerce platform.  Rebel Silencers products are immediately available for purchase by licensed retail dealers who have a Special Occupation Tax (SOT) Stamp.   

Rebel Silencers, a Veteran-owned and operated company, specializes in manufacturing high quality silencers for both the .22LR and .223/5.56 calibers.  Rebel Silencers flagship product, the SOS-22, is just six inches long and weighs only 3.2 ounces which makes it one of the lightest silencers on the market today.  The “Screw on Stack” or SOS, has only 3 baffles and assembles and disassembles with ease for cleaning and maintenance.  To purchase Rebel Silencers products, please click HERE or call 888-269-1885 to speak with a sales representative.    

To learn more about FFL Design and Rebel Silencers, or to view and purchase products from any of our manufacturers, click HERE.