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FFL Design Announces the Addition of Modern Spartan Systems to its Wholesale e-Commerce Platform

FFL Design today announced that Modern Spartan Systems, a leader in friction reduction technologies for firearms, is now offering their products for sale through vArmory, the shooting sports industry’s first ever wholesale e-commerce platform. Modern Spartan Systems products are immediately available for purchase by licensed retail dealers.

Modern Spartan Systems proprietary GREEN chemical technologies create benefits that their competitors can’t provide. Instead of standard cleaning and lubricating, their formulas optimize the functionality, reliability, longevity and accuracy of firearms. The cleaners deep clean and detoxify metal. The lubricants reduce friction by up to 90%, flat-line metal wear and minimize surface contaminant re-adhesion. Modern Spartan Systems has also introduced Suppressor Shield, a suppressor and compensator easy maintenance system. To purchase Modern Spartan Systems products, please click HERE or call 888-269-1885 to speak with a sales representative.